Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving at Malenovice

Our JV team from Poland, Slovakia and Czech (and Brittney from the Ukraine!) gathered Wednesday night through Friday morning to celebrate Thanksgiving. What a great time it was!

Good food, wonderful connection with friends, and a great talent show Thursday evening to cap it all off. Wow...such a rich time.

This was our 17th consecutive year of celebrating Thanksgiving with our JV team...hard to believe it's been that many! Sometimes it just doesn't seem possible that we've lived here that long!

It was also our first holiday without Tyler. He spent it in Wisconsin with a
friend from Moody. So thankful that he gets to come and spend Christmas with us though!

Some of the things I'm most thankful for? God's continual goodness, kindness and mercy on me each day. For His faithfulness and daily provisions. That He is always near.

Oh, and how thankful I am for my precious family...Dave and
the kids, my parents and brother, my in-laws, our JV team, and my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. Ah, I am a rich and thankful woman indeed!


  1. Yay! A blog post! Good job on just getting it done! I love your blog! :)

  2. I'll ditto Claire's comment....Yeah, a new blog post!