Monday, February 17, 2020

A Familiar Place

Beginning in 2003, I regularly visited this building in Frydek Mistek for ten straight years.

In all sorts of weather, and with each of our kids at different times through the years, I walked through the hall of this health clinic hundreds of times on our way to the second floor.

Today I'm here with Claire because she invited me to go with her, back to someone we haven't seen for seven years.

I wonder how many times I sat in this spot across from the door of our kids' orthodontist?!!

In 2013, after ten years of visits, Claire was the last one to finish her orthodontic work. I never came back after that. Maybe Claire did for some check-ups, but I didn't ever come with her again.

So today was a fun day of visiting the woman we've always privately called our "Czech aunt" since we visited her so often for so many years!

She is retiring in September, turning over her practice to a new orthodontist, who we met today.  She's young and cheery, and would be fine to go see if we were starting on that road again.

But I'm glad we had our "Czech aunt" all those years, and that I got to tell her thank you today for all she did for our kids years ago!

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