Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thoughts and Moments of the Day

Outside my window...half snow, half grass...and BRRRR cold! It's one of those days when you wonder if spring will ever come...need some sunshine that's actually WARM!!

I am thinking...about the JV single ladies retreat coming in two weeks. We'll be at a house in England with 17 of us, doing some life-coaching, praying and having fun!

I am thankful...that Caleb is feeling better, and that my sinus infection is finally on the mend.

From the kitchen...Black bean soup in the croc
kpot, homemade applesauce...mmmm, can't wait!

I am wearing...this one always makes me laugh when I think about how to answer it! Do you really want to know what I'm wearing?? It was in the original "Thoughts and Moments" post that I found and took this idea for a blog post from. But do I keep this "thought" going? Hmmm...well, for now...I'm wearing black leggings and a top from my favorite store in Europe, Promod!

I am reading...a book by Shannon Ethridge called "Completely His: Loving Jesus without Limits"

I am hoping...that we are all well enough to go to Prague on Friday. The kids are on spring break this week, but because of all the sickness we've had, we're not doing much except concentrating on getting better. If we're all feeling good, we'll drive to Prague, maybe see a movie, drink Starbucks, eat out, spend the night, and say good-bye to Dave on Saturday as he flies out of Prague to the Philippines for a week

I am work on laundry as soon as I finish this blog post! I'm putting it in writing so I'll really do it!

I am talks for a ladies retreat in Chicago that I'll be speaking at in April - I leave four weeks from tomorrow.

I am hearing...Caleb playing guitar in his room

I am praying...for Tyler as he sends out his first missionary letter soon! He's interning in Croatia this summer with JV...whoohoo!

Around the house...are toys! We have Brian, Aleisha and Cece Stephens staying with us right now while the home they will be living in is prepared for
them. We are having so much fun getting to know them and being entertained by a one year old darling!

One of my favorite things...being with Dave! He's been traveling a lot lately, so I enjoy and deeply appreciate any and all time we get to be together.

A few plans for the rest of the week...take Ca
leb to the doctor for a check-up where hopefully he'll be given the green light to return to school next week, go to Prague on Friday if we're all well!

A picture I am sharing...someone from the States sent me an extravagant gift that came in the mail today! Mmmmm....dozens of yummy lattes ahead of me! Thank you Ruth!!


  1. yay! I like this format for a blog post. :) I agree, the clothing thing is a tad ib weird... could you think of something to replace it? Like... what am I craving/ what's the weather like/ prayer request etc.? :D


  3. I agree with Claire, except that I like the what are you wearing part. Makes me a bit envious that you can wear leggings, whereas my family would run screaming from the house if I tried it. But it's the little things that make it more personal.