Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Spring" Vacation Days

I remember the spring vacations of my childhood...I'm pretty sure that in Oregon the sun was shining, the days were warm, flowers were blooming and it seemed summer was right around the corner (okay...maybe it was raining a little bit too...but it was at least 50 degrees outside!)

Not so here! It's been snowing all day today, and about 26 to 30 degrees...during our "spring" vacation. I don't actually think we've had many spring vacations here WITHOUT snow, to tell you the truth! It's just what spring vacation is about here!

Caleb is still cooped up at home...trying to get to feeling better so he can go back to school next week. I think he's actually looking forward to it after three weeks of not feeling well and being without friends. He's still awfully tired and doesn't have much energy...but the doctor told us that was to be expected for a while. Bummer.

I finally got over a sinus infection that had me dragging around, living with a Kleenex box beside me for two weeks. Those can sure be painful and annoying. I'm glad I can breathe again.

Claire has been the trooper this our quiet little life during "spring" vacation!

Despite the weather, she and I ventured out to Ostrava search of black beans, spelt milk, arrowroot powder and some silk flowers to put in the living room to make it feel like spring! Yeah...strange, but true assortment. We do a lot of searching for things here which I love, by the way! It's like a big treasure hunt at times and totally brings out the "hunter/gatherer" in me!

But the point of this blog (and the reason for the photo) actually is that on our way back home we stopped at a favorite restaurant of ours for...yes, you guessed...Creme Brulee!

On this cold, gray, snowy, dismal day...we took a few minutes to cozy ourselves up in a Belgian restaurant, pretending we were far away on spring vacation, and savoring the goodness of this yummy delight. No real food...just dessert at 2 in the afternoon! Ahh, you gotta love it!

Our Creme Brulee didn't look quite like the one in the picture, though it was close! It did come with kiwis on the side, drizzled in chocolate and strawberry sauce! Nothing better than that on a "spring" vacation day!

Spring will always does. I'm just glad for moments like this while we're waiting for it!


  1. Yay! It was a good day today! Thanks for treating me to dessert for lunch. Good girl times! :)

  2. Wow. Snow on spring break. That would suck. In Montana it never snows uness its winter. (well it snowed a few days ago but not heavy) I just started blogging today and yet, I have nothing. I am just goign around checking out other peoples' blogs, seeing what kin of this people do on theirs.

  3. Hey Connie!
    Thanks for coming and speaking all the way out here in Illinois. :) It was a much-needed reminder for me of how much is available for us in Jesus. I loved being at your table.

  4. Hi there...My name is April and I was pointed to you blog by my good friend Jenny Trenckmann Matthes. I'm serving in Romania with my husband and can appreciate the snow in March as we had the same weather. Now, though, it is truly spring and I am truly glad. Please stop by my blog, too, and I'll be sure to keep up with yours!