Sunday, April 29, 2007

Already Two Weeks Ago

It's hard to believe how fast the weeks fly by sometimes. Two weeks ago today I was celebrating Easter with my mom, dad and brother in Eugene, Oregon. If I remember right, it was the first Easter in the States that the four of us had had together since my college days...and that was a while ago! So it was really a special treat to be together, just the four of us, again after so many years.

The next day we had the memorial service to reme
mber and celebrate my Grandma France's life. What a beautiful time it was...throughout the service I kept thinking about how much my grandma would've enjoyed being there because so many of her favorite people in the whole world were gathered there! But instead, she was smiling down at us from heaven, happier than she's ever been - and that made the sadness at her not being there that day a little bit easier.

Being with my mom, dad and brother was such a gift during those days. And that's something else my grandma would've been pleased about...that we had such a good time together! She loved family times and placed high value on getting those times together. So I soaked in Starbuck's almost every day with my dad, shopping with my mom (new favorite US store? Coldwater Creek! Thanks mom and dad for all my new pretty clothes!), and working many hours with my brother on a slide show and program for my grandma's service...and of course lots of good talk time with all of them.

I came home feeling deeply blessed by my family, and so glad that even in sadness, there is joy. That's what I experienced while in Oregon with them.

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