Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tyler's Turns 17

This summer is going by much too quickly...is that how it always is?!

One of the fun parts of our summer was celebrating Tyler's 17th birthday on the 20th of July. I am also thinking that time has passed much too quickly since his birthday in Germany that many years ago! That was the summer that Dave took his first trip into Eastern Europe to do a mission's trip with our American high school students...it was 1
990, the first summer that the walls were down. While he was gone I was in the hospital with premature labor, not knowing if the baby would come while Dave was gone or not! And those were the days of no cell phones so there was no way to be in contact...ahh, those early missionary days!

Well thankfully Tyler held off so his dad could be there for the birth, though he did arrive a whole month earlier than his due date. But all was well and he's grown up just fine all these 17 years!

We celebrated his 17th birthday by driving to Brno, two hours away, to see the fifth Harry Potter movie in English...that was his choice for the day! It was a great movie and a fun time to be together as a family to celebrate. We really love being with our kids!

Tyler's special gift was a laptop computer (with help from mom and dad...thanks!!) so he's been spending some hours getting to know it these past days. He keeps saying he's going to blog...he's got a lot to catch up on! But for right now he's got other things going. Hopefully he'll post before we leave on vacation next week!

Speaking of leaving...Dave and I leave at 4 AM to head to the train to Prague, and then by plane on to Tallin, Estonia where we'll meet up with some of our JV missionaries who live in Estonia. They are following God's lead and moving on from JV after five years of faithful service. Dave and I are headed up to say good-bye. We'll be back on Friday!

There is lots more to tell about from the summer but this will have to do for now!


  1. Hi Connie,

    A new blog post is just the right thing for these hot and hazy days of summer. Hope your trip to Estonia is wonderful.


  2. Hey, just in case you check in, I am checking in on you! We are back from the beach and there are mighty big changes happening. I will email. Glad to see you and the family are alive and well!
    With love,