Monday, July 2, 2007

Tyler's Art

For the past yea
r Tyler has been in an art class in town at the request of his art teacher from high school. She teaches an advanced art class for students that she feels have potential to excel as artists.

All yea
r I've been hearing about his projects, and seeing a few photos taken on his little camera on his phone, but I had no idea the extent of his skill until I went with him to an exhibition last week. I was amazed! He has a gift and talent for art that most definitely came from the Lord as Dave and I don't have it!

The picture below was drawn from a photo taken last year on our vacation. It's Dave and our good friend, Mel, standing at the border of some country...can't even remember which one! But Tyler took the photo and adapted it in a particular art form - pastels on wrinkly cardboard's that for a description! Anyway, it turned out so cool! There are more projects that he did but this is all I'll put in here for now.

I'm thankful for the gift that God has given him for artistic creation!

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  1. He definetly has some talent. The one of the man is amazing, It looks like it's huge, must have used up a lot of pencils. thats awesome.