Sunday, July 15, 2007

English Camp for Frydlant

I'm sure Tyler is going to write about camp on his blog soon so click on the link to the right for his blog and read about camp from his perspective. B
ut for now, I just want to add a few things from my perspective of their camp.

First of all, we have some of the best youthleaders around leading the young people here in Frydlant. I am so grateful for them that I want to share a little bit about each one.

Bogdan, our youth pastor, has a unique gift for loving and reaching out to young people. He's got a big heart for the Lord and a great love for people - what a great combination for working with youth! He and his wife, Martina, regularly open their lives and home to the youth group and do an awesome job of living out the Gospel in front of them. He also leads worship
for our church and has given Tyler and Caleb great input and encouragement as they've come into the worship team over the past few years. We are thankful for Bogdan's work in our midst!

Mark, a JV missionary who has been here in Czech for years, is also doing an awesome job of reaching out to young people and discipling believers. Tyler has been in a small group with Mark for the past two years and it has made such a difference in Tyler's life. Mark is full of wisdom, love for the Lord, and a very faithful walk with Him. We appreciate Mark tons. He's heading back to the States for a year of school in September and we're going to miss him like crazy.

Katka first came into our lives in Havirov over ten years ago. She came to an English camp with a friend and then trusted Christ the next year at camp. Since then she has been a regular and much loved guest in our home, a great babysitter for the kids when they were younger, a trusted prayer partner and friend of mine over the years, and for the past three years, a JV missionary here! And now this past year she had Claire in a small group Bible study! It means the world to me to see how our relationship has come full circle...from discipling her to her now discipling my daughter. Very cool!

With these people leading camp, it was a very significant time for everyone who was there - non-believers and believers. They did a great job of reaching out in love to those who don't yet know Christ, and encouraging and coming alongside those who do. I admire and appreciate their servant hearts and willingness to go the distance with these takes perseverance and patience to do so! But they did and there were great results because of how God used them.

One young man fully put his faith in Christ and wants to walk with God now. Others were engaged in discussions about spiritual things and want to continue those discussions. The ministry team, made up of Czech and American young people who live here in Frydlant, did a nearly 48-hour unbroken prayer chain during the camp - a significant step for many, especially as they got up in the middle of the night to take their turn at praying.

In all, it was an amazing week at camp - a week that will not s
oon be forgotten by any who were there. We praise God for all that He did and is going to continue to do right here in our midst!

Tyler and Caleb leading worship at camp!

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