Monday, July 2, 2007

Last Day of School

Hooray! The end of school has finally arrived! School finished on Friday, the 29th of June. While it's been an excellent school year for all three kids, we were ready for some summer vacation. There were days last week when it felt like it would never get here...but it did and we're happy about that!

This was Tyler's 12th year of school here, counting kindergarten, Caleb's 10th year, and Claire's 9th year. That's a lot of school done in another language! I am really proud of them for what they have accomplished...good grades, good friends, good attitudes.

Yesterday I was talking with one of the teachers, who is a Christian, and goes to our church. She told me that in teacher's meetings at school the topic of our kids and the other American kids who attend the school (6 others, all from Christian families) often comes up - they are amazed at how respectful and obedient our kids are. She says they often say, "Those parents must be doing something right". I'm glad we have such a good testimony at the school!

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