Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Life

Barca has been in our lives twelve out of the fourteen years that we've lived here in Czech. She was a nanny to one of our JV families, a babysitter at JV conferences, an intern in our internship program, Dave's secretary for a couple of years, and someone I've loved and invested in throughout all of these years.

Five years ago she married Jakub, and three years ago they left the Czech Republic as missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators to Indonesia.

Since September they have been back in Czech on furlough,
and Barca and I have been meeting weekly for prayer and Bible study...and talking about babies! Yes, as you can guess by the picture, she has been pregnant and waiting for their first baby!

That precious girl, sweet little Sara, arrived at 4 AM this morning! I got to visit them in the hospital just twelve hours later which was joy upon joy for me. I felt a tad bit like a grandma, holding Sara, since Barca is like a daughter to me!

We're off to Slovenia in the morning (kids have Spring Break), visiting our family and JV team there, as well as down in Croatia. Will be back home on Saturday the 1st of March!

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