Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Phone Call Every Mother Dreads...

"Uh Mom...I think I might have broken something..."

That's how the phone conversation started with Tyler at 11:25 AM this morning. I was driving back from another city, a good 30 minutes away from where Tyler had been snowboarding with his school up at Malenovice.

After asking what it looked and felt like, I was pretty sure it needed immediate attention. But I also knew I'd never make it back in time to drive up and get him, then hurry down to our doctor who closes at noon.

Thankfully Petr, our hotel director, was available for a quick trip to town and I met him at the doctor's office just five minutes before she was closing.

She took one look at it and said, "It's broken...needs an x-ray right now". Unfortunately the x-ray department in town was closed (On lunch break? Vacation? Who knows!) so she sent us into the nearest hospital in Frydek Mistek.

Our good friend Katka came along with me to keep me company (and keep me from freaking out at such a thing...still not a big fan of crises or trauma!). She was also the photographer since she "happened" to have her phone in her purse...good thing! Sure don't want to miss pictures of such an event!

After going here and there trying to get to the right spot (why did the admissions lady send us to nuclear medicine??), Tyler finally got in for the x-ray which confirmed the break. He then went through a grueling process of having it set (I imagine he'll write about that on his own blog...too much trauma for me to write about on mine) and casted.

After another x-ray to make sure everything was okay, and a little trip to the finance department to pay our bill (I must say, that was a pleasant part of the adventure...who knew it was a bargain to get x-rays and a cast in Czech?!), we were headed for home...just three hours after the whole adventure had started.

Four weeks with the guitar wood chopping...plenty of sympathy. Not too bad of a diagnosis!


  1. Hi Connie,

    So sorry to hear about Tyler's unfortunate break. We got your side of the story after the event, so when do we hear how it happened? Was it a good story?

    Crashing down the hill at breakneck speeds, cruising past all of the others on the slopes, hits the biggest jump on the slope and comes close to being the first to ever land a tripple back flip.

    Or something like that!


  2. Actually, Anna Stepanian would know about that cast and x-ray bargain! From what I remember she got her leg casted there. Quite the bargain from what I remember. And I think Katka was with us too!! :)

    Poor Tyler! Poor You!!