Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring Break Fun

The kids had last week off of school so we headed down to Slovenia to spend spring break
with our Patty family there. What an amazing time we had!

The highlights?!!

Burger King in Austria - we don't have that in Czech!

Skiing near Kranj on a perfect sunny day!

Hanging out in the mornings and evening with Josh, Kristi, the cousins and Scout the dog!

Seeing the Slovenia team and hearing what God is doing there.

Spending a day in Venice (the last time we were there, Tyler was four weeks old!).

Claire getting time with her JV friend, Laurel.

The boys hanging out in Ljubljana with David, one of our JV staff guys.

And a quick trip down to Rijeka, Croatia to see our JV family, the Vuletic's, there.

It makes me smile to think of how international our trip was...and how "normal" that is for life here!

But it's nice to have these sweet memories tucked away as good gifts from the Lord!


  1. Hi Connie,

    I'll have to pull out my map of Europe to figure out how one gets from Slovenia to Venice for the day!!! Looks like you had a wonderful Spring Break.


  2. Can't wait to hear your stories in person

  3. We really enjoyed seeing you all! Thanks again for the gifts for the kids!

  4. Connie,
    Just when I think I can't stand it another minute to not be in touch, I go to your blog and there you and yours are.....warming my heart and jogging all my wonderful memories.

    AND, if a blog is not enough, God surprised me yesterday with a huge joy.

    I was seated across a table at a church dinner with a absolutely delightful young lady. When she told me she was going to Czech Republic I held my breath. Yes ! Yea God ! She will be ministering with you and JV and living in your town ! Lauree Austin. Who can eat when God gives good news like that?

    Now I will have one more contact with you through Lauree....and I will eagerly read her e-mails and perhaps a blog.

    Warren and I are fine...rejoicing in God's grace and goodness.

    Love now in Jesus. Love forever with Jesus. What togetherness !

    PS: I was thrilled that Christmas with your family was so thrilling ! I knew it would be. *_*