Sunday, March 30, 2008


It's been a long week-end of waiting for Caleb. As in most areas of the world, not a lot happens over the week-end at the hospital...except for laying around and resting, which is what Caleb did.

But, the good things this week-end were:

* Caleb was moved to a new room on Friday and found in his new room, a long time friend of Tyler's as his roommate! They had a good time together until he left this morning, Sunday.

* The weather was beautiful so he could have the windows open most of the week-end to let in the fresh spring air. The view from his room is quite spectacular which was refreshing.

* The nursing staff over the week-end were so kind, fun and cheerful! We assume the week day nurses will be more of the same, but it was wonderful to have such engaged, loving nurses caring for him this week-end.

* When he had to drink almost a gallon of horrible stuff to clean him out today, he did it like a champ.

* He and I had four hours of uninterrupted talk time this afternoon - one of the most special times I've ever had with him.

* Dave, Tyler and Claire came after church at 6 tonight and were there with us another two hours - we talked, laughed, played "Pass the Pigs", watched a little "Naruto", and just enjoyed family time in a hospital room.

Though Caleb is in pain, God cared for him in so many ways over the week-end, and we know that will continue on into this week.

Tomorrow at 1 PM he will have at least a CT scan, perhaps an endoscopy or colonoscopy also, depending on what they find in the CT scan. Either way, he's cleared out and ready to go on those tests. Pray that there will be clear images of what's going on that will lead to a correct, and best, solution for Caleb.

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