Friday, March 28, 2008

Still in Love

Twenty one years ago today, Dave and I joined our lives at an incredible wedding in Speyer, Germany! Our ceremony began at 11 AM on March 28th, and the bells at the cathedral where we were married rang out at noon in celebration of our wedding. Truly, it was like a fairy tale!

That day was perfectly wonderful...and the beginning of something that has just gotten better, sweeter, deeper and happier as the years have gone by.

I know that the depth in our marriage has partly come through trials like we're experiencing right now with Caleb. Because of that, I wouldn't trade them for anything. The Lord knows what He is doing and I trust Him with that.

Happy Anniversary Dave!!! Do we look any different today??!


  1. You look exactly the same but boy, Dave has aged! haha! Love to look at the young you. Happy Anniversary

  2. What a great day your wedding day was. I still remember the bells ringing right after your ceremony was completed. So European and so cool! I am in awe of both of you and you are an example to me of a great marriage.

    You must have been a child bride when you got married, since you look so young now!!!