Monday, January 20, 2020

Patty's in the House

Today is a special day in two ways!!

First of all it's Caleb's 27th birthday today!

What an amazing man of God he is becoming through these years, raising his family in the context of ministry (they live in Albania and serve with us in Josiah Venture), going hard after the language (they've been there a year and a half), discipling students and the director for summer camps to reach Albanian teenagers.

I am so proud of this tenacious, persevering, joy-filled man who brings an element of strength, but also fun, into whatever he does! He has weathered a lot of suffering in his life, but has come through it with faith refined like gold.

I love this Caleb of ours so much! Happy Birthday my dear son!!

Second of begins the first week of Caleb, Haley and Charlie living with us for the next few weeks/months as they await the birth of their daughter here in Czech!! She is due February 22! It is THE SWEETEST to get to live some life together with them here in our home.

Since Caleb left for college he's never lived back at home, and except for visits over the past eight years, we haven't lived life in close proximity. So this is very special!

Feeling deeply thankful today for all of God's blessings,  which include a precious wife, a special son, and a soon to come treasured granddaughter - and all of that from the Father's hand through our wonderful son, Caleb!

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