Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Claire's Last Day

Does anyone else go to school until the very last day of June??! That's the "rule" here in Czech...school finishes on June 30th, unless it falls on a Saturday or Sunday!

While Tyler finished a month ago, and Caleb finished early so he could go to English camp in Poland, Claire finished out "zakladni skola" (basic school) TODAY!! She is now officially a high schooler!

It was a little sad taking the "last day of school" photo today with only Claire (and Lily!) in it. Tyler was on a train to Prague to pick up the team from Lancaster, PA who will be at the Frydlant English camp which starts on Saturday, and of course Caleb's been gone to Poland since last week.

But...traditions ARE traditions! So Claire gamely posed by herself and let me take that famous photo that I love! She knows how important it is to her mama!

Just Dave, Claire and I went out for dinner to celebrate tonight...wonderful to be with just her, but strange to have the boys missing. Hmmm, shades of a life to come one day in the not too distant future!

But for now, we'll enjoy and soak in summer vacation with whoever happens to be at home!


  1. High School....are you kidding??? Claire is going to be in High School? I must have missed a few years somewhere. I must readjust my thinking to accommodate that reality!!!

  2. Zakladna Sola in slovene would mean treasure school! Good Job Clair!