Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just for Girlfriends

"Could you do something about my roots and give me a little trim while you're at it?"

Ha ha! Famous last words!

On Friday I was at a new hair salon in Polsky
Cieszyn, just over the border from Český Těšín (for any of you who are was one town a long time ago, but eventually divided by the Czech and Polish border. Today, since the borders are down, you can walk across a bridge between the two).

My friends, Laura, Amy and I, were trying out a new salon we'd heard about there. We've been doing hair together for, oh I don't know, maybe five, six or seven years. It's our 'three times a year' girl get together, which used to be in Katowice until we ran out of good stylists there (all the good ones have gone on maternity leave through the years!).

Laura got her hair done at the new salon by the woman owner, and I got Mariusz, the only guy I've ever had do my hair in all these years of living in Europe!

He started out by doing more than just roots...guess he thought I needed it! But it turned out pretty and I was feeling good as he spun me around in the chair to give me my first look at it.

Before I could even comment he said in his broken English, "And now, I have new idea for your hair...but it is VEEEERRRY different. Can I explain??"

Hmmm...what do you say at that point??!! "Um, you don't really know me and actually I'm pretty happy with what I have", or " don't know me, but I'll give it a whirl!"

Well the truth was, I'd been feeling like I needed something new for a while. So the answer? "Sure...why not!"

Amy gasped a little bit and said I was brave! Laura just laughed...she's known me a long time! I used to change my hair fairly often, but have had the same style for a while now. was time to make a change!

As he brought the scissors up to my hair he said, "Maybe you close your eyes...and keep them closed!" For some that would spell doom...but for me...I don't know...made me kind of excited!

At one point I opened one eye to look down at the floor and whoa! There was quite a bit down there! A girl quickly came with the broom and swept it away so I never really knew how much came off.
But in the end, when he again spun me around for a look, I was happily surprised! It was, a good new look for me, I THINK!

When we walked out and I saw my reflection in the first window we passed by, I was taken aback. I honestly didn't recognize myself! But I'm adjusting now and think it's going to be just fine!

I got a big thumb's up from the boys when I got home...that was encouraging! Caleb says I look like a mom in a magazine...whoo hoo! That's a good compliment...I think! Dave has yet to weigh in since he's in the States!

Anyway...this is one of those blog posts that's mostly for my girlfriends (and my mom!!), but maybe you'll get a kick out of it too even if you're not a girl!


  1. LOVE the hair, love the new look, love your courage, love your sense of adventure, love your sassy new "do!"....and I love you, of course, but you already know that! :o)


  2. Looks GREAT! I too got my hair cut by one of the interns when I was at training! FOUR inches! It felt like I foot! I kind of liked it when it was done, but really like it now!

  3. I always say it's only hair! Change it as often as you want - and if you don't like it the first day just wait...there will be a day as it grows out that you love it.

    So glad you took the guy up on the option for something new. Of course!

    Fun to see you playing with hair accessories - barrettes and head bands. Love all hair accessories.

    Enjoy playing with your new look!

    Andrea Pitcher

  4. Connie....SO cute! Very fun! =D I love seeing the pictures of you and your beautiful family - I too wish we were closer and could spend an afternoon over coffee...

    Many Blessings,
    Kim Fleischmann

  5. Hey the hair does look great!!! I like your new's sporty!

    I must say that as a guy I found the post to be interesting too due to the reference to history of the boarder cities. Thanks for keeping it interesting for all of us!

  6. Dear aunt Connie.
    Thenk you for the card.I realy lajk tha buterflij on it.Im sher the 20 dolers wel kom in handi.

    Love Kendra!
    hey, Blake is on the other computer so Kendra wrote her note on the blog. She asked me to correct her spelling but it's just so cute I left it! And I like your cut! Kristi

  7. I remember you trying a new hair style in Slovenia once, but I also remember it not being as successful as this one! You are brave!