Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our Becca

It was eight years ago this month that Becca McMartin came to stay with us. We thought it would be for a summer - thankfully she stayed a lot longer!

That first summer she was with us, we went to Stramberk (a very quaint and old city nearby...650 years old to be exact!) on
my 40th birthday and took a picture with her and the kids - one of my all time favorites! Aren't they cute??

Becca leaves in two days to go back to the States (how we will miss her!) so we just had to go back and re-create that photo to see how everyone had changed since then, so we went today!

I would say there have been a few changes, wouldn't you?!!

We will always be so thankful for what Becca brought to our family, especially to the lives of our kids. They, and all our JV kids, are different people because of her godly, creative, loving, serving, happy influence in their lives all these years.

THANK YOU BECCA! You will be in our heart always!! Please come back to see us sometime!!!

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  1. Connie! Can I just say I LOVE your picture taking... You are so creative and fun! :) And Becca... although I don't know you, I've enjoyed seeing you in so many pictures...and 'seeing' the impact of your ministry. I know you a bit through my brother Rob! :) Blessings on your next steps! - Jenny Trenckmann M.