Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dave's Heart Check-up

Today Dave was back at the hospital, getting his blood levels checked. He has to do this every few days as they adjust the blood thinning medication for him (something he'll just be on for three months or so as he's recovering).

He also had a check up with Brona, our friend who is Dave's cardiologist. After listening to Dave's heart he said, "No one would ever know you had heart surgery just three weeks ago! Your heart sounds perfect!"

That's the kind of news you LOVE to hear!! "Oh thank you Lord for answering so many prayers for Dave and for healing his heart!"

Brona also said it would be another 8-10 weeks before Dave has his full energy back...a limitation that Dave is adjusting to these days. He reminded Dave that this was major surgery and that the body has been through trauma, thus you can't expect it to just bounce back to normal levels too soon.

So Dave has to content himself with just a few hours a day of feeling strong and able, and then a better portion of the day just sitting, reading, resting. That's not such a bad thing, I keep reminding him!

Brona did clear him to go to the States next week. Dave has had a speaking engagement on his calendar for two years that we were hoping he wouldn't have to cancel...and thankfully he doesn't! We'll all be at Gull Lake Ministries in Michigan for a family camp June 19th - 25th where Dave will teach once a day, as well as share about JV.

The environment there is so peaceful and beautiful, so we hope even that will provide some rest and recuperation for Dave, even as he'll be teaching (which is absolutely one of his favorite things in the world to do!).

After that Caleb and Claire will head to Oregon to visit my parents and Dave and I will take some days to go away together before heading to Denver a week later. There we'll meet up with the kids and be in Ft. Collins, as well as with Dave's family in Denver. We'll be back home in Czech on July 10th.

What a season of life this has been! So unexpected, and yet in the Lord's good plan. It could've turned out so much different. We are not taking it lightly or for granted that the Lord has given Dave some more precious years of life by bringing to light the need for this surgery, and providing so adequately for it to be taken care of.

We're content to move at a little slower pace of life this summer as Dave continues to heal, grateful for each day He gives us!


  1. I love your updates...thanks for keeping us in the loop with the Patty family. I'm hoping you get your computer fixed soon, as the pictures are a great addition to your blog.