Sunday, June 6, 2010

Patty Life Update

The best update of all...Dave continues to recover well from surgery! SOOO praising the Lord for that.

He still tires easily, but the doctor says that's normal. He's got about three hours a day where he has some energy, and then it's back to the chair for books, his Bible, coffee, and Google Earth...his favorite new hobby!

The doctor says that it's really about twelve weeks before he will feel like he has his energy back so no concern on him being tired for a while. His body is healing well, medication levels are in check now, his doctor is pleased with his recovery and I'm thankful to have him home every day!

You'll notice that there's no accompanying picture to this blog post...sad to say my desktop computer shut down a few days ago and all my recent photos are on that computer. So until we can get it into the technician to find out what's going on (and hopefully repair it!), there won't be any blog photos...bummer because I've had some good ones lately!

My friend Michelle was here these past two weeks and we had such a good time just doing normal life things as we stayed close to home while Dave recovered.

We did get to go to Krakow for a night and were upgraded at our hotel to a it too cheesy to say that was very SWEET of them to do that??!! After booking it I'd written to say it was her 50th birthday and asked if we could check in early...maybe they took note of that and decided to bless us with the upgrade?! Whatever the reason, it sure made for a memorable time there!

Tyler was here for a few weeks (sure loved having him home!), but is now gone to Croatia for his summer of ministry with JV. You'll notice on the side of my blog a link to his blog...definitely worth keeping a watch on over the summer! There are a few fun posts there already about these past few weeks.

Claire and Caleb are in their last few weeks of school, working hard to finish up finals which are demanding. SO proud of them for pressing through with endurance and perseverance, even when the weather has finally changed and they'd rather be outside enjoying the sunshine!

Thank you for continuing to pray for us in this season. The Lord has been faithful, as always, to carry us through this time!

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