Wednesday, March 14, 2012


After no internet for two days, I think we're back online again...thanks to prayer, and to glad he was around to figure it out. I tell you...when Dave's away (more on that tomorrow), you never know what's going to happen.

Four years ago I wrote about a dear friend of mine here. The little girl who was a newborn in that blog post now looks like this!

And as of Saturday morning, there is a new addition to her family...a sweet little brother named Tobiaš.

Her mom, Barča and her dad, Jakub, have been missionaries in Indonesia for the past eight years. They're back home in Haviřov, where we used to live, for a year of furlough. And to have a baby!

I have loved Barča for many years, and now adore her family! So special to get to meet her new little guy, and celebrate with her husband and daughter.

Yep...I feel like a grandma! Imagine what I'll be like when I have my own grandkids! :) HA!

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