Friday, March 30, 2012

Only Once

You only get to celebrate 25 years together, once!

Dave and I spent two nights in our beloved Prague, celebrating all the goodness of those 25 years.

We woke up to an unusually warm spring day on Wednesday morning, the day of our anniversary...never wore a coat the entire day! That in itself was quite a gift from the Lord since we haven't seen much of the sun lately, not to mention very few warm days yet.

To separate out this memory from other times we've spent in Prague, we stayed just off Wenceslas Square, in the apartments that are at the top right, where the green shutters are, with a view across the city, and down into this garden we'd never seen before...gorgeous!

One of my hopes for the day was to find a dress for Tyler and Lara's wedding...and sure enough, thanks to Dave's prompting to go into this store, we found it! So fun to find it on our anniversary (and Lara's birthday!) as we look forward to their wedding day in June!

With that task out of the way, we just enjoyed walking through Prague for hours on end, talking and enjoying each other.

Sad to admit, but after 18 years of living here, I'd never visited one of the most famous sites of Prague - Petřín Hill. It was absolutely bursting with spring goodness!!

No trip is complete without Dave getting to look at a map!

We climbed all the way to the top of the tower on Petřín to take in this full view of Prague...LOVE!

On the way back down we had fun taking photos with the camera on a tripod - fun to just take our time and capture who we are at 25 years of marriage!

There is no one I enjoy like I enjoy Dave!!

Headed back down towards Mala Strana after that - this street is the home of the American Embassy in Prague...been there a few times over the past years for passports. That's the kind of street you want to walk up to go get your passport renewed! :)

And around the know, even though it's in Ostrava now, it wouldn't be a trip to Prague without a stop here!

The Charles Bridge was magical that afternoon...the sun was just glowing as it danced on the water and the buildings.

Then down into Old Town Square, with Týn Church in its own special beautiful!

Happy, romantic, beautiful, memorable, joy-filled, blessed. Words to describe our days in Prague.

But even more so...25 great years together!!


  1. Congratulations again on 25 years of marriage. You both look so happy and in love. Your relationship is a blessing to many others.

  2. Thanks for the photos. So happy for you and your 25 years together. Love your new hair color. The gold & darker tones give your skin a good color. Beautiful photos. Can't wait to see the Mother of the Groom dress!


  3. Yay! Beautiful post...! :) Many congrats on a blessed 25 years!!