Monday, March 19, 2012

Abba's Girls

Last Fall Claire participated in a student leadership conference in Budapest.

Challenged by the speaker, seminar leaders and students from all over Christian high schools in Europe, to reach out and make a difference for Christ at her school, she asked the Lord to show her how she could that.

He did! And the result of His leading is happening this week-end.

She has planned a retreat for girls from BMA, her high school, that is focused on learning about having a true relationship with God, the Father.

It's been absolutely precious to walk through this with Claire, helping her to plan for and organize this retreat, as well as pray with her about it over these past months.

She invited our dear friend, Amy Ellenwood, to be the speaker, as Amy is not only a gifted teacher, but has done a lot of thinking about her relationship with the Father.

Her daughter, Hayley, Claire's very precious friend who also attends BMA, will be there with her, along with 14 other girls, including another dear American friend, Lucy, whose dad is Claire's teacher at BMA! It was Lucy who made the flyer (above) for the retreat!

It begins Friday afternoon up at the new lodge at Malenovice and finishes before dinner on Saturday.

Please pray for just a moment as you read this, that God will work in the hearts of these dear girls as they consider how to love, and be loved by, their heavenly Father.

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