Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Hoped

Back in November I wrote about what I was hoping for...

One of those hopes was for a friend of ours who I was hoping for a miracle of transformation in her heart. And in the past five weeks, I have definitely seen signs of that transformation. "Oh Lord...THANK YOU!" She needs this transformation so badly...even she knows how much she needs it.

We've been meeting regularly to pray and talk together, and each time there is a softening to her that I've never seen in the years I've known's even visible on her face.

But God's work is not done I'm still hoping and believing God for His sovereign, beautiful, transforming work in her life.

The other thing I was hoping for...perhaps less "spiritual" but nonetheless meaningful...was a visit from my parents for Christmas.

And this hope has been fully realized! My parents are coming for Christmas (and will stay a whole month!!) for the very first time since I've lived in Europe. Over the past 27 years, I've spent 24 of those Christmases without my mom and dad...the three I was with them for were in the US. never gets easier to be away. I miss them every year, even though I have a wonderful husband, awesome kids, and precious teammates to celebrate with.

It's a sacrifice my parents have lovingly made all these years. They didn't sign up to have their daughter be a missionary living far away. Yet, they've graciously let me go with no strings bitterness, just love.

It's a sacrifice I've made to follow God's calling in my life. I DID sign up for this! And my life is full, rich and blessed because of it.

But I still miss my parents.

So to have them come for Christmas this year is just AWESOME!!!! We talked on the phone tonight about all the things we'll do together while they're here...we have PLANS!

But the ones that I'm looking forward to most? It's the simple things. Waking up in the morning and having coffee and breakfast with my mom and dad....sitting by the fire in the evenings together and talking...having my mom do my laundry...HA HA! She offered!!! Who am I to say no to that??!!

Thank you Lord for hearing my "hope" and for answering.


  1. That is so exciting connie! i love how you write about the blessings and the sacrifices of serving our Saviour overseas. And it's both good, and hard to hear that it never gets easier! May your Christmas be blessed!

  2. How wonderful for all of you! I am so glad to be home for Christmas!!! It would be GREAT to have my family in Poland for Christmas though. . . . now where to have them sleep??? Oh, yeah, I have a little back yard! ;)