Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Praising God Today

Driving through the beautiful, blossoming streets in Portland today, on our way to Doernbecher Children's Hospital, I kept thinking of a verse I read a few days ago in Matthew:

"Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him?"

The good gift I was asking for today? That the doctor we were meeting with would have wisdom to know where to start in figuring out what to do for Caleb's pain.
I completely believe that the Lord answered my first request today!

The doctor met with us for an hour, asking question after question, as if he were a private investigator gathering all the details. I went in prepared to have to fight my way to give him all of our details and information, but instead just answered his questions. He seemed almost delighted to be handed a difficult case! How different from anyone else we have spoken with!

His last words were: "We WILL get to the bottom of this". Ahhh...relief for the ears of this mother.

Through a scheduling miracle, they were able to work Caleb into the schedule for Friday and begin the first round of's so complicated that I can't even tell you what it is that they'll be doing. But it will last most of the day...they told us to come prepared to spend the day there.

The doctor made space in his schedule to meet with us as soon as all of this first testing is done on Friday. After these results he will determine what the next steps are.
The thing that I appreciated is he isn't simply laying out tracks one by one in front of us, if that makes sense. He already has tracks laid out so far ahead, with thirty years of experience behind him and many possibilities in his mind of what this could be. He speculated on a few, but said it's really too early to tell what it truly is. He just wants to take it one step at a time right now.

So I feel like the Lord has given us bread and fish today. And for that, we are praising Him tonight.

Oh and...the children's hospital has a system for identifying different sections of its facility. The symbol for the specialty clinic where Caleb is receiving help?



  1. Connie and Caleb - Just want to remind you that God has His kids on alert to pray for you both and for the doctors "investigating" Caleb's body :-) You are dearly loved!
    The whole Rogers clan is arriving today and tomorrow at our place in TN for what is becoming a traditional family reunion each year - scheduled to include the Music City Marathon and Half-Marathon (which several run, but this year it will be Gordon, Reagan, Toby and Kathy and a couple of grandkids in the kids' race. Papa G started all this
    :-)). We will also have a family "shower" for Rocky and Mandy's first baby, Stella - who is due to arrive around May 13. PTL!
    Debbie Hatch Myer and her two will arrive today also, to visit and to graciously introduce the family to 4 yr old Jessica and 2 yr old JD (can't remember his first name right now!)
    SO - while we are all together we will be praying and remembering Caleb's physical needs - and praising God for Caleb's indomitable spirit and faith in God! You just can't beat the smile on that boy's face in every picture!!
    Please call if we can serve you in any way.
    We love you greatly! Sherrie
    PS. Can't believe that Claire is so tall!! She is at her dad's shoulder!! What a beauty she is! Just like her mom :-) xoxoxoxo

  2. Dear Connie,
    You are so close but seem so far away....I do not know how to reach you.

    Please call or e-mail:
    503 698 5855

    Sunday, Lauree Austin....who is in Czech now!!!.....told me of you and Caleb being in Portland. I had mixed emotions. My heart leaped with joy to think of your being in Portland and then deep concern of prayer for Caleb's well being.

    God's timing to make me extremely sensitive to your needs is next to miraculous. Next Tuesday, April 29th, the theme of our Morning of Missions is MKS MATTER. I was in tears as I shared with the Tuesday Bible Study gals at church HOW MUCH MKS matter.

    As always, you are trusting and glorifying God....and yes, Caleb, your spirit and smile mean the world to us who dearly love you and are deeply concerned for you.

    Waiting in love and continuing prayers to hear from you dear one.

    Loving you the more,

  3. It must feel so good to your hearts to know that you are moving forward at least and that someone else (besides the Lord) is walking you through the process. I am glad that you have a dr that makes you feel heard and taken care of. We are all thinking of you and praying for you.

  4. Was with Amy yesterday doing her hair and we thought of you often... Missed you! So thankful for this good Dr. This is a relief. Now, we pray for the right next steps. I love you!

  5. Connie and Caleb,

    We are so excited that God gave you a Dr that enjoys investigation and a challenge. I pray that God will give him wisdom and discernment tomorrow! I will be praying for you both for strength and endurance.


  6. Hi, Connie (and Caleb)~
    Just want you to know you are in my prayers and thoughts. It is Monday... I have a sense of joy re-reading this post from last Wednesday, believing that each day is bringing you closer to illumination of the problem and the solution-- maybe today! I'm praying God will reveal the secrets of Caleb's body to this doctor and techs, since He does know exactly what is happening and how to address it.
    With love,