Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What's New...

The pain in Caleb's stomach is still as strong as ever but...there is hope!

We were able to see a GI children's specialist on Monday, who has a hunch as to what's going on. It's long and complicated, and doesn't need to be on my blog...who wants to read a bunch of medical terms and such?!

The good news is that he's finally got an antibiotic to fight a bacteria that's not supposed to be there in his intestines, as well as some pain medicine which helps for about 3 hours twice a day. I asked him how he manages the level of pain he experiences the rest of the time and he said with a smile, "With a good attitude!" I'm not kidding! My 15 year old boy said that!

He went on to say "Why make everyone else miserable, even if I am? I just figure I'll have a good attitude because a bad one will make me feel worse, and make you feel worse". Words of wisdom right there.

He is scheduled to go back into the hospital next Thursday the 17th and be there overnight. On Friday morning the head GI doctor at the hospital will do a colonoscopy. I know he's probably not real excited about that (nor about the fact that I just let my reading audience into that little fact...sorry Caleb) but the thing is...the doctors and we want to know what's going on inside and this is the last option before opening him up, which they really don't want to do.

So we're praying for a few things: that the antibiotic will deal with the bacteria, that the pain med will be of some comfort to him while he's waiting for the antibiotic to take effect, that the colonoscopy will give the doctors the info that they need, that they'll know what to do next and of course...that he will be healed!

Thanks for praying for else could he smile and have a good attitude if it wasn't for the Lord answering prayer?!

PS. Picture from happier days in 1996!

April 24, 2008 - Just an update on this post: The antibiotic did nothing to relieve the pain, and we still don't know if there was/is an infection or not. The pain medication they gave him then was only mildly effective - giving about an hour twice a day of other words, not much. We didn't have the colonoscopy done in Czech, and they haven't done one here in the States since the problem seems to be more in his small intestines, which wouldn't be seen in a colonoscopy.


  1. Hi Connie,
    Just wanted to say that my sister (24 years old) had to get a colonoscopy when they were trying to figure out what was going wrong with the bottom end of her shunt. They weren't going to make her completely unconscious for it, so she asked for some kind of drug/gas to help her relax and deal with it. They gave her laughing gas, I think. Whatever it was, she was flying high for awhile! Just wanted to offer this tip in case they aren't planning on knocking him out for it.

  2. Hey Connie,

    We're praying for Caleb and your family as you face yet another health crisis. You've had more than your share! (I still remember you and Dave singing "Choose Your Pain," at FBC while you had a severe toothache! I'm quite familiar with the colonoscopy (old guys like me know stuff like this) and the worst part is the day before, not the day it happens. I'll be praying that Caleb will be relaxed and that the diagnostics will be positive and helpful. Keep looking up! Love, Bill & Jan