Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moving On

Another day of no Internet at our house. Today's news from the service provider was they can't come until the 10th now, due to the storm (which didn't produce much snow, but brought very high winds - it is wild out there!).

I found out there is a new app on the iPhone for Blogger so am trying it out tonight, using the Internet I can access on my phone. Have no idea what it will look like when I post but am willing to give it a try as I didn't want to miss posting today.

In order to post a photo I had to take a picture of the picture I wanted to post...surely not the greatest quality so who knows how this will all turn out...or if it will even post!

It was a bit of a sad day today...we said goodbye to Tyler and Lara.

They headed to Prague by train very early this morning to pick up her engagement ring from the jeweler who was adjusting and cleaning it, then went on to Podebrady, a city about an hour from Prague where Tyler lived this past summer. They were going to see students and spend the night, then take a very early train back to Prague and fly out at 9 AM back to Chicago.

The house feels much quieter tonight. I am sure our own parents know this feeling well as we have been going in and out of their homes and lives for many years now.

But tonight marks a big step for our family as Tyler and Lara now head towards their June wedding and begin their lives together. Tyler will not come back to our house again until he is a married man!

He cleaned out his room last night as they packed, deciding what he wants to keep, give or throw away from his childhood. Kind of sobering for us.

It's a good, right and natural step - one that we have prayed and hoped for all of his life: that he would leave us to cleave to a good woman of God's choosing. And that's what is happening!

But I am still feeling sentimental's normal, I think.

Tomorrow will be a new day, and we will all adjust back to life with the four of us. But I do so knowing we are also on the countdown of Caleb leaving for college in just a few months (he plans to leave in June to work in the States this summer before starting college).

My dad keeps telling me that life just keep getting better and better, and that there are even more good, rich and happy days ahead as the kids leave home and make lives of their own. I choose to believe that tonight as I feel sentimental about my kids leaving home and heading on into their own lives.


  1. The iphone app did a great job on the format! The pictures are cool too and perhaps they are appropriate as kind of a "misty" eyed snapshot of them boarding the train!

  2. Love your blog, Connie! You have such a beautiful heart and are gifted in sharing it through words and pictures on your blog. There is a lump in my throat as I read about your kids and their transition to adulthood. Mine are a bit younger but, everyday it seems as though they are speeding toward independence. Thank you for sharing glimpses into your life. Your words have blessed and encouraged me many times.

  3. Hi Hon.....So glad you could post this way. Don't you feel sooo cut off without the internet? I feel for you! I know it's a sentimental time and even now Amy has left for the States so as far as life as you've known it, I can see that it's slimming down.

    I was at the mall tonight with my parents and bought you a little something. I love picking up things as I go along, not only for next years Christmas box (I'm planning on the suitcase, lightweight idea for next year!) but little things that I know you'll love (this was a little clothing thing!).

    All that to say, you're always close to my heart even half way around the world and I know you truly get that as your love muffins are on this side of the globe too.

    Love you tons, Michelle

    (p.s. the flowers you got me from 3 weeks ago are on their last leg today but I have a few stems that have lasted this week in a vase in my office....I've never had any last this long!!!!! so fun!)

  4. p.s.s. the word that I was just given to leave a blog message was "rumbum." Is that the funniest word or what? I've never had such a funny one so just had to post that! ha!!!!

  5. So glad you posted this. You're gonna be glad to have it to look back on in a few years! Who knows, maybe by then you'll be posting about new grandkids! :) Good for you snapping that last picture!!

  6. Hi that was a biter sweet post sweet u will soon have 1 of your kids maried how weard that was sad to hear about tiler claing out his room