Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dave Visits the Neighbors

We have very colorful and interesting neighbors.

Danka and Zdenek are brother and sister and live on the same lane as we do. They are in their 50's, have never married, their mom and dad have passed away, they have some mental challenges, have numerous farm animals living around, and sometimes in, their house...a
nd they also love Jesus!

Every so often they stop by and ring the doorbell about 20 times (we always know who's calling!) and then ask to talk with "Mr. Priest" (that's Dave). They call me Mrs. Teacher...I am not Mr. Priest's wife, but rather Mrs. Teacher, which I think is funny!

Last night Dave went over to see them after they'd been at our door the evening before ringing the doorbell. They wanted to ask Mr. Priest when he'd be over to pray with them, read the Bible and talk about Jesus. He told them he'd be over Wednesday night.

So off Dave went after dinner last night. When he rang their doorbell (only once) they greeted/assaulted him at the door with: "How's Caleb? Have you prayed for him? You know...prayer really works. You should try it on him!"

Then they spent the next hour together, reading the Bible, praying and Dave answering their many questions: "We heard that everyone who lives in America is a Christian. Is that true?" We heard that some people think Jesus went to live in India for ten years after he was resurrected. Is that true?" "We miss Exit 316 on tv. When is it going to come on again?"

Oh my! Dave comes home with such great stories to tell (once he's changed his strong smelling clothes...they're not big on hygiene or cleanliness over there)!

The thing we love about them though is that they have the simplest and purest faith in God. And above all...they believe God is good.

I'm thinking about them tonight - hoping that my faith is as pure and simple as theirs is, and wanting to proclaim the goodness of God.

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  1. connie, your blog post about your neighbours brings tears to my eyes... in their pure and simple faith, and in your care and involvement in their lives... knowing how busy dave is that he would go over and spend time with them reading God's word bring me deep joy. thanks for sharing... what a rich life God has given us!