Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Glimpse of Heaven

Occasionally the Lord gives us moments where we taste what heaven will be like. We had one of those tonight.

The Gord Jackson family, who were with us in JV for ten years, living "next door" in Poland, came to Malenovice for a visit tonight. It's been four years since they've been back
as a family from Canada, where they now live. Ellenwood's, Ken and Nicholas Pitcher (Andrea and their other kids were gone), our family, and the Jackson's met for dinner at the hotel to catch up on our lives.

As if that wasn't good enough, Corrie and Hudson Jones (who were in JV with their family, living in Slovakia for 13 years, but who now live in Arkansas) are visiting for a few weeks so they were here too for dinner.

And then the cherry on the top...another one of our JV kids, Brad Nickerson, who lived in Poland with his family for many years, (but now lives in Wheaton where his dad works in our JV office), "happened"to be at the hotel for US team training with his church who is here to do an English camp! We didn't even know he would be here on this night!

The young people in the photo belonged to a group of JV Kids called "Journey" when all the kids were living here. For one night...for just a few hours...they were reunited! A few other Jour
ney kids were missing (all of them back in the States now), but it was really special to see these kids together again after so many years apart.

Don't you imagine that's what heaven will be like?!! We'll meet up with people from all different times and walks of our lives, and it will be wonderfully special to be together again!

Thank you Jackson's for coming over from Poland/Canada to see us tonight!


  1. This picture makes me smile. Im so glad they got to see each other.

  2. what an enjoyable time - I wish I could have been there those few hours too!


  3. Love you and miss you! Great to catch up with you via blog, and I'm looking forward to catching up via voice very soon!! And...Did hannah CUT ALL her hair off????



  4. Thanks for posting photos. Ken told me about the visit and I was so jealous! I'd almost come back early to be part of that night. I would have loved to catch up with them.

    I didn't recognize Emily Jackson - had to look at that one a couple of times. Wow! Everyone else looks just like themselves.
    Can't wait to talk and hear all about the evening first hand.