Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good-Bye...for a while

Tyler, Caleb and I had to leave a day early from Gull Lake - believe me, none of us wanted to!

But in order for the boys to be back in time for English camp with our church's youth group, they had to fly from Chicago on Thursday.

So we left at midnight Wednesday night, after the evening talent show (where Tyler and Caleb performed a new song Tyler wrote..and got a standing ovation...wow!) and drove back for a short night's sleep before heading for the airport on Thursday.

It was a strange feeling to let the boys check in on their own and stand on the other side of security while they made their way through and on to the gate. Shades of things to come, I am afraid...sniff.

They made it safely home, though Caleb was (and still is) in quite a bit of pain. Traveling is hard on him...he does better with a settled, consistent, restful environment.

But, such is not ours, or his, life these days! God knows that!

He and Tyler slept at home on Friday night, and then headed for camp Saturday morning with 70 Czech students, as well as the team joining them. We've gotten a few text messages from them while we're still here in the States and it sounds like the camp is going great! The first couple days Caleb still wasn't feeling well, but Tyler wrote last night (his incoming message woke me at 3 AM!) and he says Caleb is doing better.

So...this is life! Dave, Claire and I still here in the States (in Indiana today) and the boys on the other side of the ocean giving their hearts and using their gifts to serve the Lord!

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  1. Connie,

    Wow this sudden flurry of blogging is leaving me dizzy...I'm trying to assimilate it all at one time! Ha Ha!

    I love this picture of the boys...

    In the other pictures after the boys left with just Claire she looks like an only child, which she will be, as the last one left at home before college!

    My oh my how quickly they have grown from little kids into young adults.

    Ok, my head is still spinning from all of this blogging activity...I must go lay down now.