Thursday, July 3, 2008

People We Love

God is so good to have made us people who thrive on relationships!

Being here in the States has again reminded me of how good it will be in heaven someday when we'll have all the time we want and need to spend with those we love...because time here on earth is just too short!!

I wish I'd had my camera out even more often than I did (and for those of you who really know me, you know how often I DO carry a camera!) to capture each and every person we've been with. But the pictures below are some of the dear friends that we've seen and made along the way during our weeks here in the States.

New friends we made at Gull Lake who are from Peoria, IL!

Jerry Twombly is one of my greatest e-mail and blog friends, from Indianapolis, IN! Claire and I loved sampling his delicious coconut and "Chunky Monkey" homemade ice cream, while being hosted by he and his dear wife, Sue!

Jen Cupery and her kids, Zach and Abigail - former beloved teammates in JV. Her husband Dave was gone on a trip to Eastern Europe for the Bible League, his new employer, the day we visited - they now live in Indiana

Jim, Lina, Nathan, Emily and Jared Miller - long-time friends who live in Illinois. When Dave and I got married in Germany, I kicked Jim out of the apartment he shared with Dave so I could be Dave's new roommate! Jim and Lina served with us in JV back in the early years, as well as in Germany even more years ago!

Claire and Carol Klobuchur in Wheaton - we were out to lunch with her, and then went on to her favorite yarn and knitting store in Glen Ellyn! She and Claire share a love and joy for knitting! I'm learning...LOL!

Friend and teammate in JV, Gretchen Hall, with her new baby, Evangeline. She and her husband, Justin, serve in Albania.

Dearly beloved friends, Bob and Manette Kuhlman in Batavia, IL - what a wonderful evening of laughter and fun at their house!

Had to add this picture, though it's of family and I said I was only doing friends in this section! It's just such a great picture of mom, dad and Dave in the alley by their house on Lipan street!

The Chase Family in Ft. Collins -more long-time friends! When are you going to come out and see us Chase's?!!!

The JV board usually meets in Wheaton at our offices there, but this June they met in Denver! We sure love and appreciate these men!

Bob and Charlene Underhill are our adopted grandparents in Ft. Collins, CO! They host us when we come into town and our kids love to be at their house. Maybe it has something to do with the ATV's they let them ride!!


  1. I loved hearing and seeing you guys are having a great time in the States. We are looking forward to seeing kids at JV kids camp next month! Love from Bordners

  2. It was a joy to have part of your family with us at GCOD yesterday. We were not able to stay and greet you because of a luncheon commitment, however, we want you to know that we are continually holding you up before God's throne in prayer, especially during these extraordinary weeks of camp ministry in the coming weeks.

    A few years ago I mentioned to Dave that I feel you have a great gift for writing, and, I hope, someday you will write a book regarding the ministry of JV similar to LaBri by Edith Schaeffer. It might take another dozen years for God to show you the pattern for such a volume, but I believe it could be an inspiring volume, telling the world what God can do through a dedicated missionary vision that God gave Dave and you some years ago.

    Something to ponder for the future as you save all worthwhile documents.

    Have a safe trip home.

  3. yay! Good job on getting all of those pictures up! Loved seeing them all and remembering all the great people we've been with!