Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's a Feast!

The best part of being in the States? Of course it's seeing people we love!

We have literally had a "feast" in terms of seeing loved ones...family and friends alike, as well new friends we've made along the way.

You, my faithful readers, may or may not know any of these people...but just know that if we'd been with you, and I'd remembered my camera, you'd be on here too! But for those who do, you'll enjoy seeing faces of people you love too!

Since I've already posted about family vacation, I won't add any of those pictures...just friends we've seen along the way.

While I'll post the pictures separately, and probably shouldn't writ
e extensively about every one of the pictures, (there is probably some unwritten rule in the blogging world about doing so!) I do have to write about a few of them!

The picture above is Jerri Kayll...a friend of 24 years and my maid of honor 21 years ago! We met the first summer I spent in Germany with Malachi and have been dear friends ever since!

She recently moved back to Denver so we, along with my sister-in-law, Joyce, had numerous times to meet while we were there...delightful and refreshing!

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