Thursday, October 30, 2008

2x3 Vision Night in Portland

Dave and the team were in Portland last night for one of our Vision Nights. I know some of you reading this were there too! How I wish I'd been there to see you! But I'm glad you were able to go - I heard it was a great evening with 250 people there!

We made the decision for me to stay home with the kids while Dave is traveling these five weeks... mostly for Caleb's sake to keep going on the SCD diet. We're nine weeks into it and it's going just great! He continues to make progress as his stomach heals and the pain decreases.

But my heart is still with Dave and our team at these Vision nights - such a special time to connect with people we love, who have prayed and given and stood with us through the past 15 years of ministry here. I want to be in two places at one time!

I have totally been at peace with staying home though...and we're having a great time here, though we miss Dave. I have asked the Lord for strength for each day and He's faithfully given it. And the only thing to go wrong so far is the water pump is giving out...hopefully th
at will be solved tomorrow!

But today my brother (in the photo with my mom, dad and Dave last night) wrote to me, after having been at the Vision Night. He said, "I think you need to hop on a plane and get to one of these's a once in a lifetime opportunity".

He didn't write just once, but twice today encouraging me to think abo
ut it again - and said it on the phone today too!

So, just to say that I'd checked on it, I went on Expedia to look at ticket prices two weeks from now to Chicago where the last Vision Night will take place. Expecting them to be exorbitant and at least over a thousand dollars, as airfares have been recently, I was shocked to see tickets for five hundred!! This never happens...I can't remember when I've seen tickets for that price!

After praying about it and talking it through with Dave, we made the decision for me to go...and Claire and Caleb so I can still keep up with Caleb's diet. Tyler was already leaving to join Dave there for the last Vision Night and then on to college searching the following week.

So now we get to have this very special experience as a family...sharing in the last JV Vision Night. I can hardly wait! Oh how good the Lord us above and beyond what we could ask or imagine!

I feel very thankful tonight.


  1. Connie,

    So fun that you waited until just the right moment to book the travel because now it's not only you and Tyler that will be in Chicago but Claire and Caleb too!!!

  2. yeah! connie that is great. i am encouraged by your story and God's provision even in airline tickets. he is indeed God of all!