Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One Thousand Gifts

A while back I was reading someone's blog that I don't you ever do that? I don't even know how I got to it...probably a link that led to another link and so on.

I was captivated though by something that she's been doing for two years. She's been keeping an ongoing list on her blog of "1000 Good Gifts". At least, that was her write a thousand things that have blessed her. 

She has now exceeded that goal and is still going!
While her list was definitely about gratitude, it was about so much more. It was about how she took time to notice was about what she defined as a was about opening her eyes to see the Lord in unexpected was about what's meaningful to her. 

And of course it was an exercise in the spiritual discipline of thanksgiving and that's something I've been crazy about doing for a long time!

So...a few days ago I decided to take the plunge and try it myself. I had so much fun that it was hard to stop writing things!

I decided that I will make it specific to the day, and not just about general things. I won't update every day (she doesn't...she collects them for a few days and then posts), but rather keep a running tab in a Word file and then add on the next section when it feels right.
I don't know how long it will take me to write a thousand! Seems rather daunting as I start to post my first twenty five things. But here goes!
  1. I am saved and in Christ - best gift of all!
  2. Quiet, peaceful Sunday morning - truly a Sabbath
  3. Waking up sleepy kids in the morning...doesn't matter that they're teenagers. I still love being the first person they see in the morning!
  4. Sweet Lily (our dog) who comes looking for love throughout the day - I enjoy her so much!
  5. Inexpensive tickets to the States so we can be at the 2x3 Vision Night in Chicago
  6. Dizmas guys and their heart for the young people here in Czech
  7. Sunshine in November - almost unheard of!
  8. Quick phone call with Dave yesterday, while he was standing in baggage in San Jose, CA!
  9. The internet - what would I do without it?!
  10. Teekanne Sweet Cherry tea - my new favorite
  11. Banana chips sweetened with honey from the mall in Ostrava - so yummy!
  12. A good movie with Claire on Friday night: "Mamma Mia"
  13. Being reunited with an old book friend, "Farmer Boy"
  14. Faithful supporters who have stood with us for nearly 25 years
  15. A better exchange rate this morning
  16. A warm November day - 65 degrees. Where do I live?!
  17. Unexpectedly hearing Dave's voice when he called on Vonage this morning from LA
  18. A new chicken recipe in the oven, smelling like something from a fancy restaurant
  19. Our Nikon D80 camera - oh how I do enjoy that piece of electronics time after time!
  20. The peaceful feeling of having paid all the bills and there is still money left over
  21. Good message on Facebook from a friends
  22. Election Day in the US - thankful for a democracy no matter what the outcome
  23. My Bible, notebook, a good pen, a cup of my favorite tea, my kitchen table...ahhh, bliss
  24. A warm enough fall that we still haven't had to turn our heat on - amazing!
  25. Praying with my kids at night
So...join me if you want to! If you do, let me know. I'd love to see your lists!


  1. Melting butter on a warm english muffin. Mmmmmmm.

  2. Connie,
    I used to keep a journal specifically for this kind of thing. It was titled, "Good gifts from the Lord"! :o)

    I have gotten away from it and this entry was a nice little nudge to get back to a good thing!

    The one that first comes to mind after spending 2 days at my sister's house: cousins that love each other and a trampoline that brings such JOY to little ones with each bounce, bounce, bounce...