Monday, October 13, 2008


Back in February, Dave and the Exit team were talking about doing a tour in the schools across Czech to promote the new season of Exit 316. One of their ideas was to put together a band who could headline the tour, give lectures in schools, do PR for the show with young peo
ple, and of course share the Gospel with them.

Dave left for the States shortly after that and was at a JV board meeting in Chicago talking about the idea with some of our board members. Scott Ardavanis, who had been our pastor at Grace Church of DuPage (but now pastors in California) made a suggestion to contact Zach Zegan, a friend of his with a band called Dizmas.

After a few phone calls, some quick flight arrangements and a break in their touring schedule, Zach came out to Czech to see us a couple weeks later. He met with Dave and the Turbo team (the ones who promote Exit 316 and provide small group materials used in churches across the country), heard the vision, went home to pray about it...and then felt led to ask the whole band if they'd be willing to come!

Initially when Zach first came to visit, we thought only he would come for the tour...what a blessing and bonus that the Lord called all of Dizmas to be here this fall!

They've been here a few weeks now, having toured in two cities already. What an impact they are having in young people's lives! They are humble, enjoyable, God-honoring, amazing musicians and so much fun to be with! If you want to follow the tour and their experiences here, they've got a blog:

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  1. Connie,

    My name is Shay and I'm a good friend of Dizmas and Scott (he's now my pastor--thanks for sharing him :) here in California. I found your blog a while back and have been following it, plus we have TONS of friends of have a gone out to the Czech and worked with JV and have heard nothing but great things about what the Lord is doing there.

    Thanks so much for taking care of the guys while they are there. I'm so encouraged that Dizmas could come and from what I've heard they have been growing and have been stretched which is a blessing.

    My wife and I will continue to pray that God uses them and JV to spread the Gospel in a country that so desperately needs it.