Monday, October 20, 2008

Will you Pray?

As so often happens, Dave leaves and we then become vulnerable and open to spiritual pressure and attack. It's something I'm very familiar with after all these years, but it takes me off guard just the same.

Out of the blue, Caleb is in pain tonight...and has been ever since Dave left on Saturday. He's eaten all the right foods, taken his pills, and had a relatively stress free couple of days...except for the pain.

This time there is a deep pain in his back that seems to be causing the pain in this stomach. He's never had that before, but it seems to be connected. The day before Dave left Caleb told me that his pain was just below a "2" (on a scale of 1-10) - that was a record! He looked and felt so good that day.

But the day Dave left it jumped up to a "6" - something he hasn't felt since June-July.

I'm at a loss as to what to do for him...we seem to be doing all the things we should...even this extremely strict diet which has been doing such good for him...and yet, here is the pain again. Is the source of it physical or is it spiritual? Hard to know.

A friend reminded me today of a doctor here in our little town who is a neurologist, but also does chiropractics (I know...odd combination!). That's one of the things our doctor in the States said could help Caleb, but we hadn't found anyone to do it here. We called today and the nurse said he could come in tomorrow. So we'll try that and see if it gives him some relief.

In the meantime, will you pray? We are...and trusting the Lord for His help and guidance.


  1. One the great things about being a Believer is that we may have never met, but we can still pray and trust the Lord with these things. Your family has been a blessing to our friends and we feel like we know the Pattys as our own friends. My wife and I will do our best to commit your son to prayer.

  2. So sorry to hear this! :/ Yes... we're praying for wisdom for you all...and relief for Caleb - Jenny Trenckmann M.

  3. Con...
    Like you said, this could be attack, but we also know that God is sovereign and none of this is outside of His control. I have to ask myself what HE is doing in Caleb's life as part of his warrior training. Remember the necklace I bought him with the words, "Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you whereever you go..." I believe that God is bigger than the attack (as I know you do) and He is walking with Caleb through each part of this entire confusing process.

    Believing and contending with you, Michelle

  4. You've been on my mind these past few days so started praying the other day. Thought I'd check in on your blog and see if there was any news. We will all be praying.
    love you