Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dave is on a Plane

Dave and I got up at 2 AM this morning and were out the door by 2:30, headed for the airport in Katowice, two hours away. A nice, hot cup of coffee at the BP station perked us up for the drive, and even though we spend hours every day talking, we still managed to find things to talk about until the minute we pulled up to the airport!

Today is 35 days and counting...that's how long he'll be gone. I've been away from home longer than that without Dave (with Caleb last spring), but I've never been here in Czech that long without him. So this will be a new stretch of road for me.

I'm sad not to be able to join him in the States for the 2x3 Campaign since I think it's going to be such a special time in each of the 11 cities where he and the team will be. But I know that keeping our family stable and well cared for right now is an important and valuable task that I take joy in providing. Just wish there were two of me - one to be 100% here and one to be 100% there!

But since there's only one of me, I'll keep my mom hat on and do my best to love and care for our family from this side of the oce

I already miss Dave though!