Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's a Bed Got to Do With It?

Apparently...a lot!

I took Caleb to the doctor here in town yesterday, waiting with him for an hour and a half to be seen (did you know that generally you don't make appointments to be seen by a doctor here? You show up and it's first come, first served).

When we finally got in, he took a look at Caleb's back and immediately asked, "Are you spendi
ng your day hunched over for some reason?"

Before either of us could even give an answer, he had Caleb on the exam table and CRACK went one side of his neck, and CRACK went the other! He then moved down his spine, finding the place near the base where much of his stomach and intestinal problems have stemmed from and made numerous adjustments there too. A few more came when he had him stand up.

Next thing we knew he was dictating what he'd done for Caleb to his nurse who typed it into her computer, asked me for the 30 kc for the appointment (that's a little less than $2!), and told Caleb to come back if he needs to...but that most likely he'll feel a lot better now!

Before we knew it we were out of his office. And it was then the answer to his question came to me....

Since this summer when Caleb outgrew his bunk bed and we took it down, he's been sleeping on the floor on a soft mattress. Not only does he have no support for his back when he sleeps, but any time he's on his computer or doing homework, he's sitting on the edge of the soft got it, hunched over since there's no where for him to lean!

Could the answer to Caleb's problem
this time be so simple as a new bed?? Maybe! We took off for Ikea and got home a few hours later with a "bed in a box". Caleb spent the next few hours putting it together (he was motivated) and then slept on it last night.

You'll have to trust me when I tell you...he was a completely different kid this morning when he woke up! Maybe it was the doctor's adjustment...maybe it was the bed. Who knows? But the good news is: His pain was cut in half...down to a "3". And this afternoon he told me it's even lower than that!

So, problem solved, for now, by a new bed with a good firm mattress!

Thanks so much for praying and caring! If only all problems were solved so easily as this! I'm just thankful to the Lord for His love and care for us during this time.


  1. This just brought a big smile to my face, Connie! That's amazing.

  2. Hey Connie,

    This is Shay's wife Bethany. :) We are so excited to hear that Caleb is feeling better! Like Shay said even though we haven't met, as believers we're able to pray for each other's needs. What a faithful and loving God we serve! We'll continue to pray for Caleb's full recovery.

    P.S. We'll be seeing your husband at the 2x3 campaign in Pasadena! We're praying about ministering with Josiah you can be praying for us too! :)

    Shay and Bethany

  3. And the rest of the story...has he been having a good night's sleep on his new bed? I sure hope so, he's been through so much in the past year!