Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stuzkovak Photos

These are two girls that I have known since we moved here fifteen years ago!

They are cousins who grew up in our church in Havirov...Katka on the left, Danka on the right - beautiful girls who love the Lord. It is so fun for me to see how they've grown up!

Next is Pavla, sister of Katka in the first photo, who went to "skolka" (kindergarten) with our kids. I used to drive her home from skolka a couple days a week thirteen years ago! I can't believe how beautiful all three of these girls are today! They all go to BMA with Tyler and Caleb.

Next is Tyler getting his "ribbon" (rather like a knighting ceremony...only notice the umbrella Mr. Till is using for the knighting! Funny!)

And finally, his good friend all four years of high school, Patrick Till (son of Mr. Till, the class teacher and American principal at BMA).

By the is our family's 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY in Czech!!


  1. 15 years?! That is crazy!!! I know I'm overdue for a trip to see's coming for sure!!!

    You look great and JOY is obvious not only on your face, but coming from the depths of who you are!

    Love you TONS, Michelle

  2. You look beautiful Connie. I'm so glad you all get the chance to go to the Chicago Vision Night! Enjoy!!