Sunday, November 9, 2008


I know the title of this doesn't make sense to most of you...but it has great meaning here in Czech!

Tonight Tyler, and all the other students in his high school class, got their "stuzka" (or "ribbon" in English) that makes them officially the graduating class of 2009!

It's a tradition here, something like perhaps class rings are to graduating seniors in the States. The class chooses the colors and a motto for the ribbons which are prepared for them and then pinned on at "Stuzkovak", the ribbon ceremony dinner in honor of the graduating class.

I'd never been to something like this...then again, I've never had a graduating senior in the Czech Republic! But I can say that I definitely had tears in my eyes proud of Tyler and his 13 successful years in Czech school.

This is all coming to a closure so quickly - sigh, sniff, gulp. And yet, signifying a new beginning for Tyler and that makes me excited for him.

He'll be in the States this coming week checking out colleges with his dad, praying for the Lord's leading as he makes his decision about next year.

But for now, we had a wonderful evening celebrating this occasion of his senior class moving towards graduation in the spring!

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