Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ah yes, Caleb...

Since no sugar is allowed on his diet, this is the closest Caleb got to American candy while we were in the States! You gotta love "Party City" and all their great "stuff"!

On a happy note, Caleb did great while we were there...bumped up a little bit in pain, but not much. And hey, the gluten free meal on the airplane wasn't bad!

He was careful while in the States, watching everything he ate, and even foregoing regular American treats like root beer and Taco Bell...his self discipline amazes me. Then again, he knows he'll hurt if he doesn't make the right choices...good built in feedback system.

The greater news is that over the week-end, just a few days after we'd gotten back, he had a day with ZERO pain!!!!!! He said he can't ever remember a day without pain, even before this awful pain started last winter. He said he thought everyone's stomach hurt all the time!

While he's down to a very small amount of pain (it bumped up a little bit yesterday again) we will continue on his restrictive diet for now to give him the best chance of healing in his intestines.

And now that we're used to it, it's actually not that hard...especially here where root beer and Taco Bell don't exist!

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