Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Flying Tomorrow

The kids and I leave home at 2 AM tomorrow morning for the drive to Krakow to catch our flights. Tyler leaves at 8:30 and flies through Munich on his way to Chicago. The rest of us get to see a bit more of the world...ha ha! We leave two hours earlier to fly to Munich, then to London and then to Chicago!

Amazingly our flights are scheduled to land just 4 minutes apart. Wouldn't it be great if that really happened and we met up in customs??!! That's the plan...we'll see what really happens.

I was able to order gluten free meals for Caleb on our Lufthansa flights...I'm curious to see how that goes. We'll have other food with us just in case, but it would be nice if those meals agreed with him...as much as any airline food agrees with anyone!

Dave doesn't fly in to Chicago until Thursday morning - he'll be coming from Denver where they'll have had the 10th vision night. So we'll meet up with him at the hotel where the 11th and last vision night will be in Oak Brook. We can't wait to see him as it's been almost four weeks that he's been gone!

Looking forward to seeing those of you in the Chicago area who will be there on Thursday night!

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