Sunday, May 9, 2010

Important Family Update

Really...I can't believe it's been two months since I updated my blog! What happened??? Oh...about a zillion things (including an unexpected week in the States for me due to that crazy volcano in Iceland!). Such is life!

We are in the middle of our JV spring staff conference right now, having an absolute blast with our staff. Wish I had pictures to show...maybe later!

One of the biggest pieces of news that is perhaps why you're taking a look at my blog, is to find out about Dave's upcoming open heart surgery. Here is what we know right now:
  • He needs his mitral valve repaired
  • He will have the surgery here in the Czech Republic at a top hospital that specializes in this surgery
  • He has a meeting on Monday, May 10th, with the surgeon.
  • Right now surgery is scheduled for May 17th, but we're hoping it will be moved up a few days...would like to get it done as soon as possible.
  • He's much more tired than usual (has to nap every day), but still able to be engaged in fact, he's been teaching at our JV conference this week.
  • We are peaceful about this very unexpected turn in our lives...believe the Lord has good in this for us.
  • Tyler arrives home on the 15th from his freshmen year at Moody Bible Institute so will be with us for some portion, if not all, of this important event in Dave's life. He leaves on the 26th for JV summer intern training and will be gone the rest of the summer.
Thank you for praying for us! God knows what He's doing and this comes as no surprise to Him, even if it does to us!

Will be more diligent about updating my blog in the coming days!


  1. So glad you took time in the middle of this busy week to update. I've been dying to write and get info but know what your life is like with Council and Conference this week. We've been talking about you and praying often. Talked with Becca today and enjoyed talking about conference together. Your family is in our hearts often. Wish we were closer to be your neighbors during this health issue - I think I've cooked for your family during every other member's medical issues - sorry I can't keep you on schedule and well fed during these days with Dave.

    All our love to you - will keep checking to keep in the loop.


  2. Hi Connie... Thank you so much for this update! Have been and will be praying for you all! With care, Jenny

  3. That is exactly why I was checking. I haven't checked in awhile, but was just thinking about your family this morning. We will be praying for Dave and your family this week as he has appointments etc. and that the Lord will give him peace, rest and a strong body going into surgery.

    With love,
    the pearson family