Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blogger Issues

I am seriously having issues with Blogger...where this blog is hosted. Putting in pictures doesn't work the way it used to (for instance, once I've put in a picture I can't seem to delete it if I find a different one that I want instead) does funky things with my headings and's not working like I want it to...ugh. What to do?

And now I just found out that my background goes away on Friday unless I go into the website where that's hosted and choose it (or another one) again...but they're website is having issues due to overload on the server so is not reachable...DOUBLE UGH!

I think it's time to make some sort of a change, but I know that takes time to do (like, making my own website). If/when I make a change, I'll let you know. But for a may not look like it usually does!

The post below is an example of that's just not working right today! However...the blog post is a good one so please read on!

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