Thursday, July 29, 2010

Caleb is Visiting Friends

In April, junior and senior class students from Kiev Christian Academy visited our kids' high school, BMA, here in Frydlant. Caleb and Claire so enjoyed meeting MK (missionary kid) counterparts from the Ukraine. 

Although these kids' parents serve with other organizations, there is just something about MK's meeting each other that connects and bonds them to each other, even after a first time meeting.

It wasn't long after they left that Caleb starting asking us if he could go to Kiev to visit them. Thinking that it would be prohibitively expensive, I told him he could look into flights and that we'd see about it. I never dreamed he'd find a ticket that was reasonable.

But...he did! $75 ROUND TRIP!! Can't really say no to that kind of a price! So yesterday I put him on a pink Wizz Air flight out of Katowice, and sent him off to visit his friends in Kiev!

As I drove away from the airport I was thinking, "Who sends their kid to the Ukraine to visit friends??" 

I guess I do!!


  1. Crazy that he actually ended up going! You know him...he's all about the fun stories! :) Sound like anyone else you know (hint: someone who hitch-hiked as a race??!)?