Saturday, July 24, 2010

JV Camp Season

US teams at Malenovice for training

The kids got back from our church's English camp this afternoon, as did 14 other groups who were at camp this week across the Czech Republic!

This was the largest round of camps (we have three rounds during the summer) here in Czech. Praise God for all the young people who heard the Gospel this week!

English camps couldn't happen without the help of American teams who come over for two weeks to join us in this ministry. Over 250 people were here in Czech this week, sharing their lives and the Gospel at English, music and sport's camps across the country.

We are so blessed by all the American churches that partner with us across Eastern Europe during camp season! Bless you all!!

Now that students are returning home, please do pray for all those who heard the Gospel at these camps - that what they heard will resonate in their hearts and draw them to a relationship with the Lord.

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