Saturday, July 9, 2011

Last Saturday

Claire and I spent last week-end back in Eugene, Oregon where my parents live.

Dave and Caleb left ahead of us - Caleb to serve at a camp here in Czech, and Dave to speak at a conference in Prague. So Claire and I had a few extra days with my parents and brother before we headed home.

When I was growing up, strawberry picking was a big part of our lives. My mom was once the strawberry patch boss! My brother and I were money-making strawberry pickers (not sure how much we made/ate!). And no matter what, we always went to the U-Pick every summer to get our fill of strawberries for the year.

I can't say I'm the best strawberry picker around (that title probably goes to my mom and brother!), but it sure was fun to be just blocks from where I grew up as a child, smelling that heady combination of strawberry juice and dirt, picking and eating as much as we wanted!

I'm thankful for a childhood that was full of such delightful memories...and that I got to make another one this year with my mom, brother Mike and Claire!

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