Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sweet Thursday

Ever have one of those just "oh so good summer days"?

We had one of those on Thursday this week...for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

For breakfast, we had some dear Czech friends, Pavel and Jana, over to our house...a couple we did pre-martial counseling with, but have known much longer. Dave led the man to the Lord 17 years ago, shortly after we moved here! They now have a six month old little boy, and are doing so well in their lives...delightful to be with them (unfortunately, forgot to take a picture!).

As they were walking out one door, my two dear friends were walking in the other one...literally!

It's Laura's 50th birthday in a few days, so we went away for lunch and a spa day together.

If you've read my blog for very long, you know that Laura and Amy serve with JV. More than that, we share life together. I love these women! Can't wait to go on vacation with them next week! :)

We drove back in pouring rain (but who cares when you're having good girlfriend time?!) to a nearby town where I met up with Dave, Claire and some other friends for dinner!

We've been blessed to know Jerry and Sue Twombly from Indiana for a number of years.

They've blessed us in many ways, but this time, among other things, it was some helpful tips on dogs from Sue! Wished I would've taken a picture of her helping us show Kaylie where she could go in our house, and explaining (from her psychologist point of view...she works with people, but it works on dogs too!) why she was hesitant to move off the carpet.

It was really fun to have them, and to share Kaylie with them as they are dog loving people too!

All in all...a great Thursday!

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  1. Glad those pictures of you three turned out! :) It's been so fun watching Kaylie change and grow these past few days. She has quite the personality! :)