Friday, July 8, 2011

Four Unexpected Hours

I thought I'd be blogging about our time in the States today, but real life at home has taken over for now.

For the past three months our sweet, seven year old Cavalier King Charles has not been herself.

In April she weighed 25 pounds...which is actually too much for her breed. When we noticed she was starting to lose weight in April, it seemed like a good thing.

But when we arrived home on Tuesday, she felt like a feather. I stepped on the scale with her and realized she weighed only 14 pounds. Not only that, but she just wasn't herself - doesn't want to eat or drink, is restless, no tail wagging, and doesn't have her usual "pep".

Claire and I took her into the vet yesterday and he did blood work, but it came back inconclusive. So this morning he asked us to bring Lily in for an ultrasound. It was then that he saw kidney stones. In a dog??? I didn't know that was possible. He said it's rare, but happens.

Now the question is...what to do about it?

Because she is so low on fluids, he decided first order of business was an IV with some nutrients in it. I've sat through a lot of IV's with my kids, even had them myself...but never with my dog! That was kind of a crazy experience.

After the hour exam, and three hours sitting on the floor at the vet with her while the IV dripped, we left with instructions on what to do for the week-end, and an appointment for Monday.

I know she's "just a dog". But right now it doesn't feel like that when she's hurting. I don't like it when anyone in our family is hurting...including the dog.

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