Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

I've never seen the thermometer at our house with this temperature outside: -25C/-13F.

Baby it's cold outside!!

That didn't stop Caleb from taking a walk with the Frydek Fusion up to Malenovice yesterday. Kaylee went along too, though didn't last long with her little paws on the icy roads. Brr!

Caleb was kind to give her a lift.

Which she loved!

She was none the worse for wear, though outside in those cold temps for about an hour would do me in!

Caleb and Claire have spring break from school this next week. Yes, we're on the early end of the cycle and spring is no where to be had anywhere in Europe right now, so it's really more like a winter break.

We've decided to jump in the car early tomorrow morning and head south, about twelve hours by car, to Hvar, Croatia to at least look for sunshine, and a little bit higher temperatures!

Dave arrived back from the States at 2:30 AM this morning, so he'll be jet lagging for a few days, but at least we'll all be together on our favorite island, hopefully catching a little warmth in our faces, and even celebrating Valentine's Day together!

No idea how internet will be - we'll see if I get to blog or not.

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